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Wanna know Something IRONIC?

Wanna know Something IRONIC?

Both my hubby and I were born and raised in AZ. He is first generation born here, I am second generation born here. Both of our families came her LEGALLY… that’s right… our nana’s and tata’s and mama’s and papa’s did it the RIGHT way!!!
My family (to include parents, siblings, cousins, in-laws and my hubby all work for Homeland Security in it’s many areas)
My hubby’s identity was stolen two years ago… guess by who??? Someone who came here ILEGALLY!!! Imagine that? A BP’s identity has been stolen by someone he spends his days arresting. How IRONIC!!!
Oh wait… you all think that these persons are coming here only to work right?? Oh yeah, I forgot. Well let’s see… they come here ilegally… now they have to get a job so they can send their $$ back to Mexico… so that means they need to steal someone’s identity … guess what? that’s ANOTHER CRIME!!! hmmm… seems like they are breaking more than just one law with their entry here huh? I could go on and on, but why waste any more time? You folks think you know everything and anything that has to do with immigration… all the in’s and out’s… if that was true… you would be protesting in MEXICO to it’s PRESIDENT and asking for THAT COUNTRY to make better living conditions for THEIR PEOPLE and THEIR FUTURE!!!
But instead, you’re wasting OUR resources here in OUR COUNTRY by taking these Federal Agents away from their duty to protect and serve OUR COUNTRY. And wasting the LOCAL RESOURCES by not listening and not obeying the LOCAL LAW and now you’re going to use another local resource of LOCAL PUBLIC DEFENDANT to help you because you’re in trouble…. hmmm… something just doesn’t look right…. if you and your folks are so against what OUR COUNTRY has to offer you…. why are you using it’s resources to HELP YOU…. oh i know… because YOU’LL BLEED RED, WHITE AND BLUE WHEN IT’S CONVENIENT FOR YOU!!!!

Thanks for posting those videos…. just another great way for me to be PROUD of all the men and women who serve to protect MY COUNTRY!!!

I’ll stop now… I need to finish our letter of explanation for the IRS… yup that’s right… we are still dealing with the issues caused by the illegal alien who stole my hubby’s identity… the IRS is trying to collect on “additional wages” that have appeared on our taxes… yeah right, like my hubby needs to work at a construction site to help make ends meet. Give me a break!!!

Proud American
Proud US Border Patrol Wife

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