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Videos of the Camp

Trailer for No Borders Camp documentary
Documentary by the SCAR Media Collective set to debut in early 2008.

A Thirty Minute Film from No Borders Camp

Hola Todos,

In preparation for a report back held in San Francisco last night, I finished a second draft of my film from No Borders Camp. As my background is mostly photography, the film is a series of scenes with the original ambient audio shown in chronological order from noon Wednesday to Saturday night. I have posted this in three parts on youtube and have embedded the three ten minute segments along with the links.

There is a scrolling narration that helps to explain the story of the camp. The footage is not as intimate or personal as I had hoped, but we were all pretty nervous from the start and I tried my best to honor people’s personal space (especially in the Mexican encampment where photography seemed more sensitive than video).

Please email me comments through youtube or post them under the clips. I have elected to approve them before they publish as racism runs rampant on youtube and I don’t want to be a part of that.

amor y fuego,

el fotografo clandestino

Day 1 of the No Borders Camp
Gracias a jlaw!

Binacional Breakfast Standoff at No Borders Camp, Friday November 9, by steev

No Borders Camp Solidarity Statement / Campamento Contra las Fronteras Declaracion de Solidaridad


Rough Overview of the No Borders Camp
Produced for the December Indymedia Newreal

Border Patrol Brutality

High-resolution videos (.mov, large file sizes) for broadcast media and for burning DVDs Note: You do not have to ask permission from anyone to use or edit the footage. It is intended for re-use and broadcast.

  • The Week in Context: Compare and contrast Sunday night’s migra freakout with calmness earlier in the week” (675MB, 3 minutes), Bittorrent
  • Border Patrol Gets Violent Against No Borders Camp at End of Peaceful Week (897 MB, 4 minutes), Bittorrent
  • Border Patrol Beats Peaceful Demonstrators (375 MB, 10 minutes), Bittorrent

Border Patrol agents brutalize protestors during No Borders Camp closing ceremony

Camp Promo Videos

No Borders Camp Promo Remixed
Gracias a trabalengua!

Indepedent Media Reports on Camp

Democracy Now! Reports on No Borders Camp
If you want, skip to 5:30 for coverage of the camp.

It’s the end of the world as we know it
If you want, skip to 2:30 for coverage of the camp.

More Border Videos

Netwar in the Borderlands
A collection of 25 videos that give a taste of the craziness of the borderlands starring the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army, the Minutemen, the SDPD and some badass kindergarten kids.


What we’re against
Promo video for the Silicon Border Project. Not appropriate for young viewers.


SD No Borders Camp Benefit Show
First annual dirt fest.

No Borders Camp

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Escape from Woomera
Immigrant detainees are freed during this direct action against a detention center in Australia.