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To donate to the No Borders Camp mobilization, click on the button below. Our logistical expenses are not yet covered, and media and legal expenses continue! The fundraising call to action follows. To donate specifically for Juan Ruiz’s legal defense, click here.

A number of community organizers and collectives from across the continent are collaborating on an action camp effort to directly confront the injustices, violence and environmental degradation that the U.S./Mexico border embodies. Direct action, Independent Media broadcasting, workshops, art, music and speakers are being planned during the week of November 5-11, 2007.

The No Borders Camp will be in the Calexico/Mexicali borderland region.
The Imperial/Mexicali valley is a leading producer of agricultural products for the U.S.A, houses dozens of multinational corporate Maquiladoras, has three toxic bodies of water that flow throughout the region and an Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) detention center where migrant people are held for months to years. This No Borders Camp will be directly contributing to building community and awareness around the issues facing this region. Organizers are working to incorporate and exemplify the strong connections between the struggles people face in the borderlands and the realities communities face across the continent.

Most of the media’s attention on immigrant issues today is concentrated on marches and legislation. However, the history and future of violence against immigrant people from Latin America is rooted in the displacement of farmers, natural resource extraction in remote communities, unlivable wages and state sanctioned violence to push the political agendas of governmental and capitalist entities. The strategic displacement of communities to gain access to their resources, and subsequently to their cheap labor, is the driving force behind paramilitary violence in Mexico today. In fact, the violent displacement of communities of color around our world is directly connected to the political and economic forces at play in the Calexico/Mexicali region. This is an imposition that reduces human life to a mere variable in an economic equation, and a disposable variable at that.

For these reasons we are collaborating, and reaching out to you for
support. We would like to invite you to collaborate with us in our efforts
to realize the No Borders Camp, and together raise funds for a Media and Convergence Center to support the communities in getting their voices heard.