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Ways to Plug In

If you are going to the camp:

1. Find other people to go with you because safety is in numbers.

2. come prepared with sleeping bag, tent, and a personal food and water supply enough for at least one day (we assume that each person will need 3-5 gallons of water a day, for drinking, doing dishes, and washing.)

3. become part of a working group, such as medics, food, legal support.

If you’re unsure how you can contribute to the No Borders Camp, here are several ways that you can participate:

– help secure the camp on wednesday, nov. 7th and keep it occupied throughout the week.

– participate in marches, protests and direct actions.

– bring creative “noise makers” to the ICE detention center protest so that people inside know we’re there.

– provide content for pirate and internet radio.

– join a security crew as a camera person or legal observer.

– bring art supplies for murals, puppets, or other forms of creative expression.

– bring extra camping supplies.

– bring a bike cart for hauling supplies.

– organize and facilitate a discussion at the camp on a topic you care about.

– join a cooking crew to make wholesome food for the camp.

– translate.

– learn more about the borderlands and the issues facing the people who live here.

– write a story about your experience.

– staff the legal call in line to support the Calexico community.

– provide support to the medic team.

– talk to residents of Calexico/Mexicali about why we’re there.

– build new relationships with organizers from all over the U.S.. Mexico and beyond.


If you are not going to go to the camp:

1. print out flyers from this website and pass them out to people to get the word out about the border. The whole point about the no borders camp is to break the silence about the border. bring the border home!

2. organize a benefit for us because we always need money, before, during, and after the camp.

3. organize in your area: are there raids happening? Work with others to do something about them! since they are happening in almost every major city in the country, I can probably assume that they are happening where you are.

4. organize in solidarity with groups that already exist in your area.

5. find someone else who is going and send needed supplies: DRINKING WATER (especially 5 gallon jugs), large pots and pans, 25 pound bags of beans and rice, tarps, kerosene lanterns, and radios, as a start.

6. contact sympathetic lawyers you may know and have them contact us.