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No Borders Photos

For more photos go to San Diego Indymedia  Photos from the Mexicali side

Photos by Days
There was no way to divide these up really. So these are photos that are labeled by days. This is what the camp was like most of the time. It was not just about the demo on Sunday, the last day of the camp and the brutality that happened. The camp lasted for five days and those days were filled with solidarity, action, dancing, shared meals, media and successful standoffs against the border patrol. Here are some of those pictures.

Pictures from the No Borders Camp

Desayuno at No Borders Camp

Pics from the Border

Photos of No Border Camp – Last Day

No Borders Camp Day 3 Photos – Breakfast Standoff and ICE Detention Center

NoBc First Day

No Borders Camp Day One Photos

Photos from Day 2 of the No Borders Camp

Thursday Night, Nov 8, Day Two of the No Borders Camp

Photos from Day 2

Photos From Day One, Two and Three of No Borders Camp

Photos Without Borders

No Borders Camp 2007, Calexico & Mexicali

Sunday Demo Pics: Includes Police Brutality Pics:

US Border Patrol Attacks No Borders Camp Demonstration

US Border Patrol Attacks No Borders Camp Demonstration (2)

Border Patrol Brutality Against Nonviolent No Borders Campamentistas

Border Patrol Brutalizes No Borders Camp Demonstration

Repression at the No Border Camp

Police Brutality Pics

Border Patrol Attack Informational Poster For Immediate Distribution

No Borders Camp Trip To Holtville Cemetery:
Holtville Cemetery is about seven miles from the border where the No Borders Camp was held. There are around 600 unidentified bodies of people who have died crossing the border. The following is a link to pictures from a camper who was there.

No Borders Camp goes to the Cemetery

Demonstration at the Ice Detention and Processing Center in El Centro:
On Friday, November 9, about 75 campers, almost all from the north side of the camp held a demo at the Ice Detention Center in El Centro. The detention center is this hyper-militarized place that is set right in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. Less than 100 yards away residents are sitting in their homes, playing in their yards, parking in their driveways, while hundreds of people are processed, imprisoned and deported. It is amazing the how normal it has become to those who inhabit such a space.

Surveillance at El Centro Protest

No Borders Camp Demo at ICE Detention Center

The writing on the wall

No Borders Camp Wall Art, Calexico/Mexicali

Art from the north side of the No Borders Camp

No Borders Camp Print Pieces

Second Official Notice of No Borders Camp

No Borders Camp Update (Day One & Two)

Zines from No Borders Camp, Days 1-3:

No Borders Camp Day Three Zine

No Borders Camp Day Two Zine

No Borders Camp Day One Zine