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Calls to Action

Click on the title of each to read the full call outs and see any necessary contact information. ENJOY!

Tucson BLAC Collective General Call to Action and Bilingual PDF Version
“Mommy, What Was a Border?”
There is a regime of terror spreading across the land. Racist laws,
arbitrary detention, unwarranted prosecution and the deportation of thousands are dividing families and driving a wedge through our

Mazatlan Crew General Call to Action
The border is both a physical and a virtual barrier that kills, segregates, pollutes, and above all it is a strategic point of control for multinational corporations. The border is a mechanism where rights are denied to both people and the earth. It is a monument to a destructive system in which corporations can move freely, but not people.

Urgent Call for Medics
Thanks ahead of time for being willing to rally your radical wellness
skills and energy against borders!!

Food Not Bombs call
We are specifically asking for a presence from Food Not Bombs at ourcamp. We currently are in need of cooks, cookware, food and water, stoves, propane tanks and money for propane.

Call Out to Artists
We visualize the actions being filled with creativity and artistic expression…The use of flags and other representation of ideology that separates you from others is discouraged. Other than that the sky it the limit. Be creative, collaborate with others and have fun!

CIRCA Secret Communique
EEK! I just got this secret communique from the Boredom Patrol of the
Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Amry! Pass it on!!!

Call Out to Media Makers
…The vision for the media structure includes a convergence space media center as well as in-camp media facilities, radio coverage, daily printed news updates, coordinated video production, empowerment of all camp attendees as well as local residents to tell their own stories and get reports to the rest of the world, and cross-border media support and cooperation between the Mexicali and Calexico sides of the camp…

For Musicians Interested in the No Borders Camp
Attention musicians interested in the NO Borders Camp! First we would like to thank you in your interest in this camp and our ideas of a better world, one without borders…