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Juan Ruiz Asks for Your Support

Juan’s court date was delayed again and is now scheduled for Feb. 19th. His lawyer is working hard to have the charges reduced. We are very grateful for all the community support and have gathered letters of support from fellow volunteers, teachers and community members to help in his case.

Due to his arrest in California, it is clear that Juan needs to deal with his immigration status in order to stay in the United States without risk of deportation. Remember that Juan grew up in Wisconsin and has no memory of or family in the country of his birth. Given the federal government’s current harshness towards non-citizens, even though Juan is a legal permanent resident, he will be at risk until he becomes a U.S. citizen. He will need legal representation for his immigration case after the current federal case is decided.

In order to help Juan, we are fundraising to help him with legal support to defend him against the charges from his arrest at the border AND for his immigration case, so Juan can remain free and able to continue working for justice for immigrants and all of us.

Donations can be made to the Juan Ruiz Defense Fund via the paypal account on the blog or by sending a check to: 3404 Cross St., Madison. WI 53711.

Juan’s friends

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