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No Borders Camp History Mexicali/Calexico

The No Borders Camp website provided information on a unique camp on both sides of the US/Mexico border in 2007. Organizers wanted to create a community, a camp, that functioned as whole even though it was split by an international border. Did this experiment work? Perhaps it did advance the globalist view, no borders anywhere. Globalists at this camp couldn’t sustain it though, and the experiment fizzled out in 2007, with the website staying up until 2009.

As we love all things migration and immigration related, and want to do our part to preserve a historical record, we purchased this domain with a goal of restoring it to its former glory. Besides bringing it back we plan on adding more information on the globalist view, and maybe the counter perspective too for completeness. Additional resources on immigration and migration will also appear too. Sound interesting. We hope so. You can contact us here if you like.

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